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The Promise Student Support Program works extensively with students to ensure that their goals of completing a degree at Mississippi State University become a reality. While the Promise Award assists in bridging the gap in tuition, the PSSP assists students in the other components of adjusting and completing their higher education.

Promise Student Support Program Goals

  • Offer support, academic and otherwise, for Promise students to ensure their success
  • Assist incoming freshmen and transfer Promise students in transitioning to MSU
  • Aim towards a successful completion of a baccalaureate degree program

Student Testimonials

“The Promise Program helped me to understand how the little things all contribute to the college experience. By gaining this knowledge early, my adjustment was easier, and I have a better foundation.”
--Freshman Promise Student

“The Promise Program is the student support program that I needed coming into college. I have learned the tools to not only being a successful student, but to also being a successful person.”
Sophomore Promise Student

“The coordinators have given me ways to succeed in my classes and at Mississippi State. Because of them, I have become better with my time management and my study habits, and they are always available to help me with any questions I may have. Being a first-generation college student has been a challenge, so I can say that I am glad I chose Mississippi State as my university.”
--Junior Promise Student

“The Promise Student Support Program presented me with opportunities and introduced me to various campus facilities that I can use to improve my academic abilities. The courses that I have enrolled in, College Success I and II, greatly supplement my stride toward academic success. The Promise Program also reminds me that I would never be alone in struggles and that there is always a helping hand to guide me if I ever feel overwhelmed.”
--Senior Promise Student

For information about the PSSP success statistics, please download the current PSSP report.